Sunday, January 8, 2012

milnerton market finds

we braved the south easter today when we decided to go to milnerton market. i was looking for some specific things that i want to use in jewellery. but i'll say no more about these ideas until i've actually made it. you know how it goes.....if you talk about it too much you never actually end up doing it. 
here's some of the things i bought. just random things that i liked.

and Happy got a new friend.

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  1. if any of those heads or arms or any doll parts go onto anything that goes around your neck - i will be the first first person to buy them from you !!! i bet you got those doll parts were for real cheap too? - i have quite a collection of them!!!! found a whole doll and had to buy her!!!!im obsessed !!!
    think i should change my blog to "dollcandy"