Wednesday, January 4, 2012

amazing friends doing amazing things

holy crap i have some talented amazing friends.
some of you might already know about the Take Care and Adriaan Kuiters' shop that opened on Kloof street at the beginning of December? ????
if you haven't been there yet, you better get on your bikes or use your feet and mosey on over. 
it will make you happy, it is nice there. maybe take them some beers and just go hang out!
the lovely Jess Harwood and funniest of funnies Keith Henning will make you feel right at home.
i love those guys.
besides just having a rad time hanging out, there are also too many cool outfits to buy for girls and boys.
have a little look-see....

 lovely shop entrance, girls on the left, boys on the right.

dreamy summer vibes

 nice touches....

 amazing bags

 hand thrown ceramic light shades......and the best shorts for boys.

 toooo many nice dresses to choose from. i love how they have made their shop half/half.

 and you can find some of our new range of skermunkil jewellery there. beautifully curated by jess harwood. that girl has a couple of good eyes.

more jewellery by us and a picture by our other lovely friend Kurt Pio.

go and visit and let me know what you think. 73 on Kloof Street, close to the entrance to Lifestyles on Kloof, other side of the road. 

i'm sooper keen to do blog posts on all the clever people i know.....
i think it will be an awesome project to work on.

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