Sunday, January 8, 2012

welcome 2012, welcome welcome

i was so happy to see the beeeehind of bloody 2011. 
it was a really tough year for me in so many ways.......

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i went through a lot of tough personal relationship stuff; lost some friends, that weren't really friends to begin with. i learned that "all fluff" and superficial (like my newly acquired therapist puts it) friends, that can't deal with sometimes the serious/hard things in life, are really not worth shedding tears over. 

i've made peace with being "hectic" as others might put it......i prefer to call myself straight forward, honest, no bullshit. passionate.  

i also experienced what it means when a friend really sticks around and works shit out with you. 
i'm slowly learning what's good and bad for me and trying to listen to that little voice inside that in some weird way always knows best. 

we have moved and then moved again and then inbetween were homeless for a while. finally we have a lovely house to live in and i will post some photos soon.
we've slowly but surely reinvented skermunkil, which was frikkin hard but also and still is amazingly rewarding. 
i think we're setting it up and changing it to become something that, in the future, will naturally change and grow with us.
the world is becoming smaller and smaller and trends/styles will come and go faster than before.
this is exciting. 

i have some new years resolutions, i kid you not.
1. get photoshop, learn it, so i can play around with my photos on my blog. 
2. start an online shop, make lots of money
3. make more porcelain stuff
4. change my shop around make it awesome and actually get people to go there and buy stuff, not just faithful joburg customers on their holiday(thanks guys), but actual capetonians.
5. have more dress up parties
6. get fit
7. play more scrabble, drink more wine
8. collaborate with cool people, this is the way to go.
9. love my family more and be greatful
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awesome, this year is going to be amazing.


  1. Before you commit to getting photoshop, try downloading GIMP. It's free, and seems to do most things that photoshop does. I've been using it for years - it's easy to learn, and there are loads of online tutorials if you get stuck.

    Glad to hear you've made peace with being 'hectic'. I definitely prefer my people hectic. And trying not to be can make you very very tired.

  2. hi jesse, i got that gimp, but its like greek or something to me...i will let you know if i make any progress, if not i might come knocking on your door with some questions. thanks and thanks. xxx

  3. Yay therapy! I think every person on the planet can benefit from it. If I had any income I'd put (more) therapy and (more) skermunkil on my shopping list!
    Great post, good luck for 2012 - take it by the horns.

  4. Marietjie those are great resolutions! Hope 2012 is a better year for you. Was in CT in Dec and visited Malin and wish I'd had time to visit you... but next time. My resolution this year: go slow and steady.
    Thanks for your lovely blogging friend xxxx