Saturday, July 23, 2011

what do you do when life is shit? i go to bainskloof.....

sho sho sho sho shoeweeeeeee, the last 4 or 5 months have been really hard.
life's throwing some seriously difficult horrible things my way and i'm barely hanging on.
sometimes life just seems too hard and crap.
when this happens we go to bainskloof....
for some serious time out.
it always makes me feel better.

he is such a funny funny dog....


  1. Love Love Love. Feel so priveleged that I can share such a special place. You guys are ALWAYS welcome. x Sam

    (Also just went on a special holiday at one of my favorite places on earth. Check it out:

  2. Hey!
    I am reading your blog since few weeks only. I liked it a lot. I WISH the bad days left you soon.

  3. Ah, and the answer for the question (what do you do when life is shit) is : crying & drinking coffee & trying to dance (even if it appears in bad days as zombie dance ^_^).

  4. To the mountains!
    Hope it makes the difference to your heartspace, looks like you've the best two companions to go with you at least.

  5. sam, thanks so much, your place is special. also tried to look at some of your photos but had some difficulty...happy to find out you've got a blog. rad.
    hazmereir, thanks for your nice words, i hope so too. im sure their are many lessons to learn from crappy times. im still waiting to find out what it is.
    and molly, yes you are right....i had the best company.