Sunday, July 24, 2011

stuff - feelings from photos.

 i've been collecting many images here
i have been finding a lot of really nice photos/pictures/images that make me feel different things. 
the pictures are mainly dreamy and sad, but i'm sure they will make everybody that looks at them feel different things. this i find interesting.
what speaks to me does not speak to you, necessarily...
even if it did it probably doesn't speak in the same way.
or does it?
please click on the images to see where i got them from.


  1. Oh my gosh....ek het nie woorde om te beskryf hoe awesome die foto's is nie!

  2. Hey lady,

    Love these pics and your doggie pics, your blog is lovely. I love dogs too! Joined blogland fairly recently and been a bit shy (yeah, contradiction) but here goes: Lacey Trotter goes Jane Brown. Check out my beautiful hondie ;-)