Thursday, July 14, 2011

when i go travelling i take photos of dogs. it is because i love dogs and they love me.

i am not a cat person, i am a dog person. i love dogs.
i have taken these photos of some dogs i have met on my travels.

 rory with a serious beard. it was huuuuuggggeeeee!!!
that dog loved him.
 i wanted to take this fluff ball back home to be friends with happy, but he wanted to stay in the himalayas. i don't blame him, i also wanted to stay.
 putting on his cutest face while asking for some breakfast.

 shame, in india there's a lot of dogs living on the streets, like this dog above. they mission around in packs. it was very weird to see such big groups of dogs together. 
they're not like a pack of wild dogs in nature where the dogs all look the same, they are this mixed matched wild pack of city dogs. they sleep wherever they can and they eat whatever they can scavenge.

this one was a deep thinker.


  1. oh, I love this post. I love dogs too. Great idea!

  2. I LOVE these. Big dog lover. As I type this I have two dogs or rather a dog duvet on my feet.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shots
    well done M you managed to really capture their personalities.. what an awesome photo series :-)
    hope you continue with this collection