Thursday, February 25, 2010

our stand at the design indaba....

yayyyy friends we are set up and good to go for the design indaba expo that runs from tomorrow the 26th of feb. until sunday the 28th. i am still busy working.....can you believe it??????....................i cant..................its madness. im busy finishing off some ♥ coral rings that i've been dying to make for a while now...
anyways, my friend rayne came around today and took some lovely photies of our stand....

i love her, ive been wanting to make her for so long. she's made out of porcelain.

look at my fat little porcelain birds hanging in the back.....

me and rosy


  1. This is the most beautiful stall I've seen in my life, my friend. You and your man did good. I want to get married in that stall man, its flippen stunning. See you soon and have a wonderful weekend at the indaba xxx

  2. so amazing, wish i was there, wishing you lots of love with the porcelain dolls, could i order one from you?

  3. thanks guys for the positive loveliness!!!! thaya i hope you come tomorrow or sunday, cause i wont be there would be rad to see you.
    coelho you could so totally order one of the dolls, im calling here Betty and im selling her for R500. if you are happy with the price drop me a mail...

  4. Congrats on Design Indaba! I was there today and was so happy to see your stuff there. I bought one of your cape white eye pendants and it is now one of my most treasured pieces of jewellery. Everyone is always commenting on it. Keep up the great work.

  5. Bought my first Skermunkil necklace from you on Sunday (a beautiful little enamel bird) after MONTHS of lusting after them! I've worn it every day since and everyone from my 3-year-old niece to my 96-year-old grandmother has commented on it! I can't wait for my next trinket!! Thank you for bringing so much prettiness into my world :)

  6. thanks soooooooo much for all the kind words friends!!!it means so much to me!!!!
    it makes all the hard work worth it when someone walks away with something they love! Yaayyyyyy!!!!
    thanks thanks thanks!!!!

  7. Just wanted to say that I absolutely-positively-adored your stuff! Yes the stall was GORGEOUS (and the envy of many there) but your work is what really stood out for me, and I am so slow that it wasn't until i got home (still talking about the pendent I should have bought and the ring my friend wants to buy) that I realised "who" you were. Love the blog and now am IN LOVE with your jewellery and soon to be very poor.
    Well done with DI. Hope it rocked.

  8. I saw your lovelies on angie's lucky pony site, too pretty for words, i would love to display one or two around my neck.