Saturday, March 13, 2010

hey what did you do on your friday.....

my lovely friend thaya from beatnik bazaar tagged everybody to blog about their fridays...and this was my friday....

coffee and a book in bed...i just started this book, its one of our bookclub books...

pilates with my friends. frances, fiona (the best pilates teacher in the world) and rayne
yayyyyy.....i love pilates

then i had tea at frances' house. look at her cute baby tenzin. he's sooooo cute, his first word was 'car'.
one of the cutest dogs in the world is in the background, his name is leo.
after tea i went home for a skermunkil meeting with rory and marlette, meetings are boring and i didn't take a photo.

then i went to the shop and painted some more paint samples.....
i bumped into my friend malin and went to her house afterwards for some coffee and english/afrikaans translation stuff she needed help with.

then home for a snack. my most favourite food in the world are avos. yum.

we went to clifton 1st beach for my lovely friends reets and mikey's farewell. aaahhhhh im sad that they are leaving...but hopefully will see them again soon.

then delicious supper at posticinos in sea point with pizza ever.
and then home to sleep...


  1. My friend, i am SOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of you for doing this!!!!!!!!!! I especially love the pilates picture hahahahaha :)

  2. yes! The pilates pic is great!!
    I love your Friday :)