Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Design Indaba work work work work work

skermunkil will be at the design indaba expo from the 26th - 28th of Feb!!!!! we are stand G13, just outside the entrance to the jewellery section....
(if you face the entrance to the jewellery section we are on the right, you can't miss us...just look for our skermunkil sign)

please come and support us friends!!!! we would love to see you all there!!!! we will be selling lots of new jewellery pieces, so please come and have a look....the expo opens to the public every day at 10am and closes at 8pm

hand painted enamel brooches (before firing...all of these will be one of a kind)

new handpainted dino brooches .... aarghhhhhh.......arrrghhhgggghhhhhaaaaa

part of our stand....

new and improved boat pendants, hand painted and 3 different sizes...

rad silver and semi precious/precious stone layered pendant that can turn.....
they are from drawings i made of himalayan flowers, when we went trekking there last year.
i love nepal

silver bokkie pendant. too cute....i love him

got some cool new transfers from the u s of a, like this boat...we are also making smaller
transfer ♥ brooches now...

busy 'resin-ing" hot air balloons and kites.....


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA holy moley they all look amazing!
    well done friend. well done.
    good luck, i know you're going to sell out.

    i love the silver bokkie and i super love the deer brooch. wow. do you have him in small heart necklace form?

    i bought your ship necklace, which i wear all the time. so pretty.


  2. angie batis thank you friend!!!!! im so nervous so much work to do stilllllll.....yikessssssss...
    s h i t...
    i dont have that nice mom deer baby deer small, but i do have one deer on its own on heart pendant...if i have time later i'll put it on my blog...there is another surprise i want to put on..but i have to go work now, so ill only do it tonight. getting so excited. i always get so excited and then i get there and then all the people scare me and i want to go home. . .
    big time anti climax.

  3. all the best for the indaba - wish i was going...next year.

  4. thanks coelho!!!! i love your blog by the way!!!