Tuesday, May 19, 2009

putting things on chains and going on a book-club outing

production line....
when we are making jewellery its kinda like a production line where its better to make more of one thing at a time than just random things here and there. so when i make the porcelain pendants i do it in batches and even though they all look different from one another they kinda all get made at the same time. and after firing them in a kiln they all get put on chains with different charms and off they go either to the market or to shops. the jewellery on the table are being sent to Tinsel and The Space in Joburg and Wardrobe in Durban.

bookclub outing to kalkbay books, guest speaker: alexandra fuller
last night we went to go listen to alexandra fuller at kalkbay books. it was our first official book-club outing besides gathering once a month at somebody's house eating lotsa food and drinking lotsa wine. she was funny and sharp...i bought the two books below, the one on the left is her new release. im looking forward to reading it.
ive read her book, "scribbling the cat",i think most book-club members really enjoyed it, but i'm still not sure what i think/feel about it....

one book i did read recently that i absolutely loved was "kafka on the shore" by Haruki Murakami. i can definitely recommend it!!!!


  1. heloo veels geluk liewe maaitjie dat jy ook nou BLOG.. sien uit om te sien wat jy alles hier aanvang

  2. So happy that you've started a blog....i was staring at your pic with all those lovely girl prints on your desk and spotted the birdy art i made :) Major tip - when you upload pictures, make sure you chose 'large' on the right hand side and 'always use these settings' and we'll see nice big pics on your blog xxx

  3. oooo, Murakami - welcome to the addiction... Good news is there are many, many more to read!
    Lovely blog - keep it up!