Sunday, May 17, 2009

what i do

at the design indaba 2009

i design and make jewellery together with my husband rory mountjoy. we have a business called "skermunkil design studio". at the moment we mainly make jewellery and the boxes we display our jewellery in, but hopefully in the future we will be making lots of other thinking porcelain....mmmmm. lets see what happens. we sell our jewellery at the neighbourgoods market at the old biscuit mill in woodstock on saturdays and also in lotsa shops around the country. im going to make a list of stockists soon....

but for now here are some pics of our jewellery.kites and hot air balloons rock

enamel heart transfer brooches great for winter coats

enamel birds

sterling silver cape white eye bird pendant


  1. Hi Marietjie
    Absolutely love your birds... enamel and silver. I'm an ex-Capetonian myself. Do you have an Etsy shop or other online outlet?
    What does the mountain look like today?

  2. haai elsa, the mist is coming in over kalkbay mountains. its dreamy and really cold. i live in muizenberg, so i dont know what the big mountain looks like...and etsy....hopefully soon soon. maybe october...x

  3. those were yours!? I was there![at design Indaba '09] :D I saw your jewelry, really cute and unique ^w^