Tuesday, May 19, 2009

industrial areas

going silver plating, yikes!
today we had to go to Montaque Gardens industrial area to get some of our cutlery jewellery silver plated. sometimes when we clean up our pieces that are made from antique cutlery the silver plating comes off and the pieces gets tarnished over time. if we re-silver plate it, its stays nice and shiny. it is quite a crazy set-up they have over there
and it smells pretty toxic (gene you'd pass out). you can see a mist of strong smelling gas hanging in the air in the workshop. check the picture below. these people work on large-scale, you can see the big containers filled with different liquids used for different types of plating. the photo at the bottom will give you some idea of the variety of finishes they can get on metals. quite impressive. in a normal jewellery workshop it would all happen on a much smaller scale.

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