Sunday, October 7, 2012

pinterest inspiration

what i like most about pinterest is actually to go back and look at all my pins. 
i get so consumed with the pinning side of things i often forget to stop and look at all the rad things i have pinned and collected so far. 
and obviously your own pin boards would be your favourite, containing everything you love or wish for or admire or just dream about. 

i think what i like most about it is that i can save everything that inspires me in one place. 
sometimes its colour, other times feelings in pictures, a lot of the time it is quotes, at the moment it is patterns and shapes.

here are some of my favourites:



textile patterns by suzanne antonelli. 

check out the link, her tumblr is just ridiculous with cool shapes and patterns.

Luli Sanchez 

hütte: textile | minä perhonen 

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