Saturday, October 6, 2012

bettie plants for kamers

i have been working on some things with my good friend marli lyon for 

Hallloooo Marli
a collaboration. 
the other day we were wondering about the Afrikaans word for collaboration, i thought for sure there must be an interesting translation, but no! there is not. 
it is "saamwerking" which to me sounds lame, so i think we will have to come up with our own word.
i'll think about it and let you know...
so collaborating is fun, you learn a lot....different people think in different ways, 
which keeps things interesting. 
it creates all kinds of possibilities for growth.

one of these days we will take some photos and show you the things we have been working on. 
it is a mix of things.
things we have worked on together and also things we have done independently, 
i think it all works nicely together as a collection of things.

there has been a nice botanical theme running throughout, which has been fun.

here are some of the hanging plants i made for the Bloemfontein show, 
there will also be some for the Lourensford show in Somerset west and the Irene show in Pretoria.
the bettie heads are porcelain, i plant different plants inside her head and she hangs on a brass chain.

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