Saturday, March 31, 2012

my friends in film

the next set of photos were taken with my lomo lca camera over about 5 or 6 months.  it was taken over summer and 4 weddings. good times with amazing friends.

i used two different kinds of film. the first batch was the normal 100iso film from the lomo shop at the biscuit mill. i was really happy with how the photos came out. the next 2 rolls was bought from orms, i asked for slide film that i could cross process and they gave me their equivalent of that which im not sure if it really was what i was looking for. 

i do not know much about photography, but i have always been happy with the slide film i have bought from the lomo shop.
with the film i got from orms most of the photos came out sooper crap.....washed out and blue, this made me so sad, cause it is realllllllllyyyyyy expensive. i also wanted to cover some of my best friends' weddings with my loma lca and now i have almost no photos of their special days.....blegh.
total fail. 
so lesson learnt: if you want slide film for your lomo camera get it from the lomo shop


  1. Beautiful shots M, lomo's are magical little devices - sure does bring your shots life. Well done!

  2. Oh I am in love with Steffany's dress on the little white wall and Dannali's too! what amazing pics!