Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sheesh im not a blogger.

i haven't blogged since 43 million years ago. i don't think i qualify as a blogger any more. i think you have to at least blog like 3 times a week to even be considered a proper blogger. oh well....im too tired too even think about it now.....
matjies is on thursday, im so frikkin excited im about to explode..
woooooo hooooooooo hahahahahahahah ahhhhhaa hhhhaaaa haha ha ha ha ha ha its gonna be so much fun, if you're not gonna be there, you're gonna be so sorry and sad. shame. sorry for you. 
this year rosy and i are making masks that you put on your face and then you step into this other thing we have built called a photobooth or an allaround box of radness and then you have your photo taken on this mac using the function called "photobooth" that i never knew this mac had until inge told me about it. thanks ingeborg you so clever.
maatjies.......2 more sleeps.....

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