Thursday, September 30, 2010

matjiesfontein i love you toooooo much.

it with sadness in my heart that i tell you that my most favourite weekend in the year is over. . . . sooooo much fun was had by all!!! as always my mind was blown away by the absolute amazingness of the maatjies that go and the crazy beautiful things they contribute. 
people are clever and they work hard.
this is awesome.
this year rory and i made a photobooth and masks. some of the photos i love the most are of the staff of the lord milner hotel that got totally into it.
here are some of my favourite shots from the photobooth...

if any of you are interested in seeing more matjies-related photos check out my matjies album on facecrook.
once again.....thanks thanks thanks everybody!!!!
also i think disco dave needs to throw more parties....

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  1. wow, lyk awesome, volgende jaar Moet ek en die Fam gan!!!het jou blog gemis, hoe gannit? moet op catch! Mwahxxx