Saturday, August 14, 2010

skermunkil and the wolf

shoeeeeweeeee....this took a while. . . 
it always baffles me how long it takes us to get stuff ready for a new shop...
angie, from lucky pony, and i have been talking about it for a while....and now i have finally sent her a skermunkil box and jewellery for their lovely Wolves cafe in Joburg.
here's some pics she took of the jewellery, i hope you guys go around to check it out....
personally, my favourites are the "jakkals" pendant and the silver heart cut-out with little red riding hood and the wolf.
i only realised after i sent the stock off, that i took no photos of the pieces....such a dummie, luckily angie's good with these things.
by the way.....the wolvie things you will only be able to get at wolves...♥


  1. oooh only at our shop? too cool! x

    ps: if you want higher-res pictures, just shout x x

  2. aghghghghghghghg!!!!! ek LOVE die hartjies, as usual...
    hoe kan ek die hartjie met die bokkie en die girl innie hanne kry?!?!?
    en die JAKKALS hangertjie?!?!!?
    dudes, ek sal postage betaal!
    xxx rochelle (marietjie, jy weet hoe om my innie hanne te kry)