Saturday, August 14, 2010

bettie and the marigolds

there is this beautiful new shop in town, Marigold, just around the corner from Melissa's in Kloof street. i want everybody to go there.... its one of those shops where you pretty much walk in and want everything. it is possibly the easiest place to go and buy presents. so many beautiful things at such good prices.
i am very happy to announce that you will now be able to get our Betties exciting!!!!!
Vicki Sleet from "i want that" did a feature on Marigold the other day, check it out, she has got such a nice way of capturing things and she's such a cute story teller.....
i got some snaps of my own....

 lovely prints by Jane Eppel

look....there is Bettie....she is made out of porcelain.

lovely porcelain work by lisa firer
her transfers work on exactly the same principal as my transfers on my enamel hearts.

this shop is so rad, well done Dagmar and Stefan!!!!


  1. there goes my xmas bonus, coming to CT Dec/Jan....Marigold looks amazing, I'm still lusting after a Betty for my home.

  2. Hi Jo, we will have some for our shop too, soon soon....had to supply marigold first because they have been waiting for that order, but i haven't forgotten about you....will let you know as soon as i get some for ourselves....xxxx