Friday, March 19, 2010

meet my friends lisa and daniel

i was so happy to be able to go visit my friends lisa and daniel on wednesday!!!! unfortunately it was only for one night and next time i will definitely stay longer....
they live on a farm in this beautiful tiny little place called wolwengat. you will find it if you drive past gansbaai and die dam and then go a little inland...
they live this amazingly wholesome life filled with animals and plants and veggies and fruit and flowers and birds and juice and family and fire and fireplaces and making stuff and love.
they are n i c e
my friend lisa

march lilies flowering everywhere at the moment

onions out of their garden, their dog boytjie in the background

wheatgrass harvesting going down bigtime, she gave me a shot of wheat grass juice and i actually got a headache when we left....i think my body went into instant detox shock.

fresh farm eggs from their chickens....

delicious salad with home made sundried tomatoes

happy making himself at home

pretty plants

their house

we went for lunch at daniel's moms farm where he has his pottery studio. one of my most favourite things to do is to visit other peoples studios. i love to see how other people work, what they make, how they do it. check out their website here to find some of daniels amazing creations. they will also be at the Potters Market tomorrow to sell their most amazing tajines.....jeeeeezzzz louise they are so beautiful!!!!
(the link to the potter's market is from christo giles' website)

look at daniel's awesome studio.

i got one of these beautiful babies....i cant wait to start making some yummie moroccan food. yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

look he even makes the brasiers the tajines can cook on....

daniel in is studio

look how cute these guys are, they come for a drink of water every day at a certain time and then daniel opens the tap for them

daniels horse came to say hallo

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  1. oh i wanted to say - i flippen love lisas house - thats exactly how i want to live one day - my chickens making me eggs, getting veggies from my own garden. flip what a life