Tuesday, December 8, 2009

christmas craziness

Christmas season is always soooo busy, ive been taking part in lots of really cool christmas markets all over Cape Town....i've been working too hard and have had no time for any blogging. but i want to tell everybody about a really cool market taking place in Muizenberg on Saturday. there's a bunch of really cool designers taking part and this market is always really nice. if you want to get out of the hot city for the day, come around and hang out with us, its gonna be fun!!!

Another really rad fair where we are selling jewellery this christmas season is Suss't at the KZNSA gallery in Durban. it opened on Sunday and is running until the middle of January. If you are in the Durban area please go and support us, we worked really hard to put together a really nice selection of our jewellery. you will also find this bangle (below) there, it is the first and the only only i have made. i like it a lot, the cut-out work took forever, but i think it was worth it!!


  1. What an absolutely beautiful bangle! Stunning....

  2. yayyyy nina, finally....have been meaning to tell you that i really liked your end of year tech exhibition. loved the beautiful key and the rabbits were sooper cute. your stuff was def. my favourite!!! xx

  3. Aw....thank you so much. It's so nice to get such a positive response to my work. :)

    Lauren keeps telling me about you! Would love to visit you and your studio some time.