Tuesday, September 8, 2009

new delhi - paharganj

in the end of the day i actually ended up having very few delhi pics, but i still want to show a few.....the man at the tea stall was my favourite. i could watch him forever, he had it down. he would pull in every morning really early and start making tea and snacks, fanning himself down, wiping the sweat from his face, having a few chit chats and just kept on repeating the process all over again, until brekkie-time was finished. and his moustache was really cool.

rooftop restaurants everywhere
(the beard is taking over the world)

shops open late, like 10/11 am and then close late at 9/10 pm

the red fort in old delhi

the coolest chai seller

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  1. hey welcome HOME!! ek stem saam - there is no where like home..
    so great to see your pics.. what an adventure.. xxx