Sunday, May 13, 2012

winter times

i love cape town winters. 
i love the rain and i love the cold. 
i love making fires inside and being cosy. 
i love playing scrabble and drinking red wine. 
i love watching movies. 
i love getting up late. 
i love coffee and a book in bed. 
i love sad music.
i love hearty soups and crusty bread. 
i love oven bakes. 
i love layers and i love looking for the perfect pair of boots i still haven't found. 
knitted jerseys. scarves. leg warmers. winter sheets.
pants pants pants. long socks.
mohair blankets. someone to love and a fluffy dog. 
1000000 million cups of tea.
nick cave and morrissey.
you need to listen to the right music in winter. 
i love the sad melancholic good lyrics kind.
here's one by an all time favourite.

nick cave. i love this version of "into my arms"

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