Friday, March 2, 2012

Design Indaba.....again? same same but different....

so last year i said....."%@#%^& NEVER AGAIN"......
and here we go again, but differently.
so, the only reason we are doing design indaba again this year is because a very clever girl, 
Marli Lyon said "why don't you collaborate?"
and i thought, yes we could do that, but with who? and then obviously the next thought that popped into my head was TAKE CARE

think simple lines, simple colours, classic, stylish

it has been a very interesting exercise for me, normally i would like to make a million different things and by the end have almost too many pieces for people to choose from. 
leaving them confused and my mind in chaos.

this year there are 12 pieces (only 12...really even to me this sounds ridiculous) in limited numbers. 
so a 1 of 10 is a 1 of 10 never to be repeated.
plus it comes in beautiful packaging also cleverly thought out by my clever friend Marli Lyon, artisan, graphic designer, maker of things, all around clever brain. 

the jewellery comes pre-packaged, so if you try on the sample and you like it, we give you your bottle and off you go, a happy chappy.

obviously the aim of this exercise is for you to buy both that little dress that goes so nicely with that neckpiece....and and get the picture. 

here's a little look see....
please come and find us in the fashion section on the expo floor
(that is come in and and go right)

we also have other very exciting news.
we are in the process of setting up a website and online shop with the help of the very clever
diana moss, from miss moss
it is still a work in progress and there are no listings yet, 
but please go and have a look so long and
let us know what you think. . .

dankie and thank you and now please go buy some beautiful skermunkil and take care


  1. love jou packaging, dis so vars<3

  2. the packaging is just as beautiful.Love it.

  3. I really enjoyed your display and very clever packaging! Well done! x

  4. I am continually in awe of your work, beautiful beautiful beautiful!