Wednesday, November 2, 2011

food wine design fair 2011

i've started making rings for the food wine design fair that's happening at the end of the month. all the pieces need to be one offs. i have so many stones and things/components i want to use for this project and i'm finding it really hard to decide what to make. i hardly ever get the time to work on one off pieces, we're always so busy just making easy wear/easy sell kinds of things.
i've been thinking of this ring shank for a while. i really like it, its been shaped just by bending it with pliers and filing it. you don't get this kind of shape in a ring mandrel...where you can just hit the shank into the right shape.
i also shaped the agate crystal vibey by hand and eye coordination. what fun.
the photos don't do it justice, promise. i've also now polished it, which made it look very swisha.
ill post some more picks of more pieces as i finish them.

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    let this beautiful mind never get depressed more!
    you're talented!
    (too many!)