Monday, October 24, 2011

things to be grateful for

i tend to get a  little depressed. a little sad. i get sucked into the strange dialogues between the crazies that live in my brain.  and struggle to see all the rad things in my life. i get melodramatic, and this while i hate people that get melodramatic. i stress. a lot. about stoopid stuff. but also about work. i stress about what to make, when to make it, making it too slow, making it too big, too small, where to sell it, who will buy it, will anybody out there please buy it, nobody likes it, my stuff sucks, everybody hates me,
we have no money, we can't buy no food, and where will we live, how will be live with no money, how will we take care of Happy. 
and on and on and on it goes. 
no jokes.
i know its ridiculous, cause on the other hand i totally believe that this is a great world with enough money for everyone to live a good life.
everything is provided, 
trust your gut and
the right stuff will come at the right time.
don't compare your life with other ridiculously successful people around you either, 
this just ads to the the angst.

for me to get out of this sometimes dark and dismal patch of madness i need to remind myself that everything is fine and i have many things to be grateful for, 
some mega big things and then also some small things.
i often find the biggest pleasure from the small things.

i would now like to blog regularly about the things that make me happy, the things i'm grateful for.
this is what made me happy today....
getting Frankie in the post.


  1. reading this was like reading my own thoughts! Just have to keep reminding ourselves how blessed with truly are by the beautiful things and people we have in our lives :)

    good luck with the move!

    P.s your new range is so so beautiful!

  2. I know the feeling. Me too I hate melodramatic and so-called people with negative energy and I also tend to get insane stressfully. Well, the stress is an awful, civilizational illness. (I think so).
    Take care a lot!

  3. Don't be sad, you make such beautiful things. You make beautiful things that no one else can. X