Wednesday, August 3, 2011

pottering around....

friday mornings are pottery times in our neck of the woods. 
i go to class, i get taught the amazingness that is porcelain.
thanks teacher Karen Sinovich, you are an inspiration.
thanks friday morning girls, you set me right for the next week.
i need this now like the air i breath or the wine i am drinking.
i go there and i switch off....or on? this is meditation. 
i prefer this kind of meditation where you still make stuff.

 look at this clever friend. she also makes prrrrretty clothes...

 look at this silly friend. she is the best, make friends with her on face book, i dare you....

 here's some of the stuff i made. 
1. salad bowl....tick.
 2. porcelain ring....tick...
i saw similar shape here.

 3. arb. cone shapes that i love.....tick
might turn them into random bells or mobile.

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