Sunday, August 28, 2011

new work

i can't even begin to explain how excited i am about some of new things we have been working on. it's been a long time coming. and it has been a long process.
look at these links to see where some of my inspiration has come from.
it is a difficult thing going in a different direction, changing styles, reinventing yourself.
for a long time i have been feeling like a big change.
mostly a big change in my work, but like most of you would probably know....
you change one thing in your life and it starts a rollercoaster of change.
its not something you have complete control over and hardly ever know exactly where it is going to end.

it is also a bit scary when everything is still up in the air and you can't quite see the big picture yet.
things are starting to take shape now, and i think (holding thumbs) that i am starting to see the whole. 
i think.

one of the reasons it has taken so long to see results, is because i have been experimenting with a new medium, porcelain. its been a long process. playing around with shapes, making moulds, slip casting, playing around with oxides, making balls, painting them, firing them, glazing them, firing them. 
friday i got my things back from my friend tessa gawith, who helps me with the firing.
and today i can show you some of it. i would normally keep it for myself until i can do a big reveal, but i'm just too frikkin excited.

ill show you a bit of the process first:
me thinking and planning shapes. making moulds, etc.
 slip casting the shapes in porcelain. geometric shapes that will be used as beads....
 oh and rolling porcelain clay balls....this was inspired by this
 and then deciding to paint them...randomly. and i realised that this ability to randomly draw patterns started when i was a young girl talking on the phone. chit chatting away with friends, i always had to have a pen or pencil in my hand and i was always drawing. scribbling. i can do this, if i don't think about it too much. i feel i lose this ability when i start thinking pattern or design.
i need to just switch off.
i know it's not the most amazing thing that you've ever seen, but i like it. a lot.
 and then it gets fired and looks like this.
 would you like some hand made white balls on a long chain?
 look at these rad shapes. awesome.

 now i just need to figure out exactly how i would like to use them...
ill keep you posted....
there are a lot more interesting things on the way. 
there will be a photo shoot, there will be photos and there will be a launch.......
in Joburg.
how exciting.
more news will follow as soon as we have all the details.
for now know this:
we will have a stand at the new Neighbourgoodsmarket in Joburg,
that's starting on the 10th of September. 
we would love it if everybody up country could come and say hallo. 
it would mean the world to us.

also while we are up there, we have to find somebody to do the market for us permanently. every saturday....we are looking for a young(student maybe), confident, reliable, outgoing lady or gentleman.
if you are keen drop us a mail...


  1. gorgeous! please keep us posted!

    handsome things


  3. thanks for nice comments guys. makes me happy!!!