Sunday, June 19, 2011

what do you do when you blue?

 shjo, what do you do when you can't look up?
or you can't talk about it?
or you feel like no one is interested in hearing what you have to say anyway?
sometimes life is just really crap.


  1. i eat peppermint crisp pudding.
    i cry and listen to sad music that makes me cry more.
    i go for a walk, preferably on a grey windy day, and take joy in feeling like the tragic lead in a grainy black and white foreign film.
    and i often phone and catch up with a faraway friend which always tends to make me better.
    writing in my journal tends to make me feel worse.
    but writing a letter to a loved one helps.
    and buying brightly coloured felt and different types of ribbon is a sure way to make me feel better. and then cutting the felt into huge piles of the same shape is quite a happy, productive and meditative task :)
    Hope you're feeling better x

  2. sheesh i really really really appreciated your comment frances. you are fantastic. thanks and more thanks. sometimes i feel like im talking into the void....and then i get a great response like this. awesome. and, i am feeling better. xx

  3. I LOVE you

    jy is so spesiaal

    ek vind dit scary sometimes..your blinding light voel of dit die shadows in my stir..

    you demand honesty and being clear and present..
    dis 'n gift wat jy het om dit in ander uit te bring..

    suppose ons kan net vertrou " everything is always as it should be.. "


  4. my liefste ingeborger, ek wardeer dit so baie dat jy bereid is om oor die heavy stuff te praat. gewoonlik voel dit asof mense eerder die heuwels wil invaar...jy is fantasties en ek is belaglik happy jy is in my lewe. tonne miljoene liefde xxxx

  5. it's such a pleasure *beam*
    i'm glad you're feeling better :)
    'there's a light that never goes out..'
    happy week to you xxx