Saturday, June 4, 2011

i also like this:

it’s weird how often people confuse blunt and honest with rude and unnecessary. you know what i think is rude and unnecessary? smiling when i don’t feel like smiling. talking when i don’t have anything to say. saying thank you when i really don’t give a shit about your compliment. using exclamation marks to make things seem cheery when a simple period suffices. and it’s not like i’m going out of my way to think this stuff, i actually don’t understand why people are so intent on being super duper extra happy nice all the time. or why everyone wants everyone else to be that way, and that if you’re not that way you’re just an unlikeable bitch. or why people are so afraid to say what they think and feel without sugar coating it or censoring themselves. i never ever feel that way, and it shouldn’t reflect poorly as a person. i just think differently, and i’m not going to apologize or explain myself just because YOU misunderstand me.

from bear naked 
nothing wrong with being honest....


  1. Wow, i totally relate to that paragraph on every point! Just the other day i was asking why people take offense if you have an opinion that's different to theirs...
    great blog :)