Monday, May 16, 2011

a lovely day in london

sam took me there and i bought this and this.
i would normally take some nice pics of my purchases, but today im sick as a dog in bed and can't get myself to take any photies. sorry.
very nice.

the shop i have always wanted to go to cause everybody is always talking about it.
jewellery wise i wasn't inspired, not at all. i am not going to rant about this.
as far as their window display and all other displays were concerned it was fantastic.....
beautiful. yaowzers....a really rad shop to go and get lost in. and they didn't mind me taking pics. bonus.

 more pics of our london day tomorrow....

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  1. i was in london mid april and went to same store. i too was not impressed by jewellery or clothes, but loved the shop design x x