Monday, April 11, 2011

ingalind ingalind ingalind

im in brighton, england visiting friends i love and i am having the best time ever. so nice to be here. pretty overwhelming too. lots of things to see. lots of different kinds of people. lots of really nice shops. 
lots of good times. oh and yes the sun is shining and i got a little sunburnt. too weird.

and i did a market with my friend sam from is our stand.

and im buying cute things....

and things from antique/junk markets to use in rings...nice


  1. marieks eks sal jou BIEG bucks betaal vir alfala briefs
    BIEG bucks.. size medium please
    charge me whatever you like.. please please bring me some back with you ???
    did i say PLEASE?

  2. I LOVE Alfalfa that used tpo be at the space. does she only sell in UK now?

  3. Oh wow - those little antique trinkets look amazing. Think they'll be awesome in rings :) Glad you had a good holiday!

  4. guys, im gonna do a bit of a order for nickers from sam later in the year....if you are interested email me. a friend is coming over in november...