Tuesday, March 15, 2011

gifts from that faraway land who's asses we kicked in the cricket the other day.

my lovely friends clintonius and dannaleee brought back some lovely memory gifts from india for rosy and i. thanks guys, makes me feel so special that you were thinking of us while you were galavanting the globe. sheesh ive been missing that faraway place called india a lot lately and have been dreaming of going back. but you should really only go there after a well rested holiday, cause it's damn hard work.....
(unless you have like gazillions of rupees, then you can travel in style, but then you also kinda missing the point)
its sometimes just nice to dream about how romantic it is while you are in the comfort of your own house lying on the couch watching the cricket. naaaice.
preferably with an neverending supply of beers. cheers.
i'm a little bit sick in bed today and since south africa is playing the irish i might just move my ass into the next room(the tv room) and retire for the day. over and out.
oh but first some snaps of the gifts from the land of the palak paneer.

 i am a big fan of plastic toys!!!
 i know it's not something to be proud of but i really do like all the bright colours and moving bits a lot.

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