Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the awesomeness that is tessa gawith

this is my new friend Tessa Gawith. she is amazing. she makes things. she makes things happen. calmly. if it wasn't for tessa i would never have had all my nice new porcelain things ready for the design indaba. i have nice memories of me and her up and down palmer road between our studios, carrying porcelain slip and clay and cups and bowls and whatnots. 
i learned that to make things in clay is a looooooong process, not like jewellery, and that you need to "time manage" properly if you have a deadline. there are many processes and each step takes time... 
i'm not that great at sticking to time frames, but tessa draw me a time schedule, it made things easy.
thanks tessa!!!!!, i'm learning so much from you and it makes me sooper happy!!!!!!
i found this nice article on tessa, if you want to read more about her click here!

here is tessa, working working working
tessa and her right hand man, Paul
tessa's beautiful work. im in love with the milky colours
you can go and visit Tessa at her studio/shop, The Pot Spot, in Palmer road, Muizenberg to buy some of her amazing things.
ooohhhhh almost can also find her and her beautiful amazing things at the next Potters market at Rondebosch park on the 19th of March 2011.

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