Wednesday, February 23, 2011

its that time of the year again....

yes yes yes, its that time of the year again. its that time of the year when there is no time for blogging only time for working. and i dont have one of those fancy phones with the internet and 1000megapixel built in camera to do quick updates while im having a quick cup of tea. im having my quick cup of tea while im simultaneously filing metal, drilling holes, bitching and moaning and cursing and putting things on chains. 
no jokes.
im pooped and over it.
come see us at stand 1102 in the fashion and accessory section at the design indaba expo this weekend, we will be there from friday till sunday.....
its gonna be awesome, hopefully worth all the hard work.
come buy our stuff.
some quick snaps of things in the pipeline....
 yes yes yes, finally getting around to making things in so excited about this i can explode!!!!!! ive been wanting to work in a new medium for a very very very long time. 
i love porcelain. also now that im finally getting around to making stuff in porcelain, im liking making jewellery more....interesting.

 i'm loving thick brasssssss....

 this little guy i carved out of wax, made a mould of him and cast him in porcelain, waiting for him to finish firing in the kiln. then he will be set in a sterling silver frame...

 playing around in circles

 still loving the cut-outs....

we are having a massive clearance sale on selected items starting this weekend(friday) at the design indaba (until stock lasts)
enamelled pieces less 50%
silver pieces less 40%
this includes enamelled bunnies, bears, owls, teapots, etc. etc
silver hot air balloons, kites, cameos, flowers, cuckoo clocks. etc. etc.
we want to discontinue certain things to make room for new life and new ideas.
so when they sell out, they sell out and we will be making NO MORE of them, so you better get there quick not to miss out.
this sale will also start at the biscuit mill market this saturday....

hope to see you all on the weekend


  1. OH MY DEAR GOD! I WANT IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, Marietjie! Your work makes me gasp for air! It's absolutely out of this world!