Monday, January 31, 2011

there's definitely something wrong with my camera....c o m e o n ! ! !

so this is from the 3rd film. i'm getting reallllllly bummed. so i definitely think there is something wrong with my camera.  sheesh, we were in the most beautiful place on a bright sunny day and my photies come out GREEN? what the? they could've been so rad.
please let me know if you know what's going on here and can help......

the colours came out better indoors again, although it was 100iso film....
please help me.


  1. sorrie to be totally unhelpful, but i really like your photos! you're making a magic that can never come out of a digital camera... isn't that the point of film these days? sure, i can understand that you need a bit more control and that it would be nice to get brightness when the world was bright, but these have such a lovely otherworldly feel to them. that said, i'd love to find out the reason for this too, if anybody out there knows it... :)

  2. friend, i think they are awesome just like this.


  3. Your photos are very artistic but that is not what you want, I think. Is your film fresh or expired? I do this kind of thing on purpose with expired film. Fuiji seems to colour green and Kodak red when left in a hot environment. 100 and 200 should be a good film speed for a sunny day. The indoor one looks more realistic, but it also looks like you moved while taking the shot - the little girl was moving for sure. Great blog b.t.w.