Sunday, December 19, 2010

food wine design fair snaps

after all that work, i thought it would be pretty stoopid not to post some here goes...

 there is our stand....our lovely backdrop vinyl mega sticker that took us like 3 or 4 hours to stick down was designed by my lovely sooper talented graphik designer friend lauren fowler....
thanks fowler, the peeps liked it a lot!!!!

 look at the definition, in real people terms, of cuteness that is nkuli mlangeni. she is my new friend and she saved my life....i also wanted to hug her all the time and i did. happiness!!!!  
i love you nkuli, thank you a big heart full of love!!!!

 some goldie things

 an army of betties with the mother of all betties in the front.

some crockery in the heart.
joburg people, thank you for coming to buy our stuff and thank you for coming to introduce yourselves and your lovely faces. it was nice. joburg people are easy to talk to and i liked that a lot.
hope to see you again in the near future!


  1. Oh my word it looks amazing! I saw Lauren's rocking horse on her neck on Thaya's blog and was about to pm her where from? Now I see! Lauren's backdrop is AMAZING. Your plates in hearties are amazing! Hope Cape town has all these too x x

  2. yoh yoh yoh yoh how beautiful was this stand and HOW BEAUTIFUL was Lauren's work? Frikkin amazing guys!!!!!!!

  3. Wow! I'm speechless! It's just amazing!