Monday, November 15, 2010

new jewellery hallo joburg

we have literally been working day and night making stock for shops and preparing for the 
food wine design fair in joburg at the end of the month. i like it and i dont like it when it gets this crazy. 
my brain isn't big enough to deal with all this stuff!!!!, im struggling to keep it together. i feel a bit like a ......the only thing that comes to mind is a.... pink marshmellow about to get toasted in the fire. 
is this weird?
more scary maybe...i always feel like i'm cutting it too close. i just get things done in the last seconds before cut-off time. like scoring a try in overtime. lucky or stoopid? 
i don't know, but here are some things for the joburgers. coming to your city soon....

 coral roses set in silver rings

 cute little silver pendants cut in different shapes, enamelled bird picture and a ♥ detail at the bottom.

 my bunting necklaces....yayayayayayyyy

 lauren fowler flower modeling one for me....

they have different colours on the other side....


  1. wow the bunting necklaces look beautiful! please save some for cape town too :)

  2. bunting necklaces whoo! x
    they are all awesome.

  3. These are a w e s o m e Marietjie!!!

  4. They're amazing! I need one with birdie fest ^_^

  5. Oh my dear, my heart actually just ached. I think you are the most ridiculously talented jeweller in the world, I honestly do, hand on my heart. I hope you're wowing them up there in the JHB. Love xxx

  6. Hi there - I'm struggling to find your stuff in Jhb - nothing at The Space or Big Blue and Just has such a ridiculous mark up, luckily found some at Wolves. Will you be on Etsy soon?

  7. Awooooo! I'd love my very own skermunkil wolf chain...

  8. HI
    I have always loved your jewlery. Just waiting for someone to buy me something - or win something (i'm from Angie's blog)

  9. your necklaces are just tooooooo lovely!
    want them all please!

    esp the wolf one for giveaway on Embracing Style's blog :)


  10. i meant Quirky Kinda Cool's blog, not Embracing Style! gaaaah!


  11. haven't popped over for a visit in a while - and I see I've missed a lot! love your bunting necklace! such a clever idea!!

  12. found your blog today, between here and there surfing the net!
    love your birdie necklaces, can one order online?

  13. Most Awesome! Ek moet een van hulle kry!!!