Sunday, October 10, 2010

this is the country we live in

we just came back from walking the whale trail in De Hoop Nature Reserve and we loved it. everybody should go and do it. wow. what fun. we walked for 5 days, 2 days up and down mountains and 3 days along the coast. i saw plants i've never seen before, dolphins and whales(oviousss), some blow holes, mussels and oysters loving life growing free, pairs of lovey dovey oyster catchers every 50meters, caves and and and and...
thanks to lisa's dad for booking it 1 whole year ago. yes, there is a waiting list, if you want to go next year you better book now.

 awesome protea growing on the ground

lisa with her dehydrated bananas, yum...and mountains of leucadendrons in the back. yes please...

picnics with views

arriving at the coast

ag pretty pretty

crazy coastline
millions of mussels
blowholes are cool

i obviously took millions of pics and it was way too difficult to decide which ones to post....i must still figure out how to do groups of pics, like 3 in a row or 9 in a box or whatever, you know what i mean. if you have some easy tricks about them macs let me know....