Thursday, October 21, 2010

something i'm working on for my sweet friend Mel

weddings are nice things. 
it's nice when the wedding day actually arrives, everything is done and you can just kick back and relax and have fun.....but planning the whole thing can be really stressful.
im thinking of you mel....just wanted to let you know, im on top of this thing 
(whatever it is we decide to call it in the end)
and this is the one thing you don't have to worry about chooks.
i hope you have the most beautiful wedding day ever.

i'll post a photo of the thingy when it is can't really see what its going to be from the photos. but it's something that's going on her dress.
also, recently i have discovered this amazing couple taking the most beautiful wedding photies i've ever seen. if anybody needs the best wedding photographers get hold of these guys...
some pics of their work...
this one is for you cute....made me think of what you said about all the girls' shoes... 
i seriously look at their wedding photies and feel like i want to get married all over again, or maybe just organize a kickass party and have them come and photograph it....
i love their work.

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