Monday, September 6, 2010

yo check it!

here are some piks of our spring sale we had on saturday. jeez i had lots of fun. thanks so much to everybody that made the long trek out to the southern suburbs. it's much appreciated.

lovely jade making the lovely food

gorilla is my friend that sold the best vintage clothes....i'll be posting some picks of me in my 10 new dresses i bought from sonnet. yes i know its frikking crazy, but i couldn't help myself, it was all so so rad....heheheheheheheheeeee
you are gonna be so jealous.

my friendly lauren fowler face

a skollie

big time skollies

crazy frances kierman from flick glass

another skollie


  1. ek lag lekka as ek an jou gesig dink toe jy sien hoe daai meisies deur jou "carefully selected" hoop rokke gan. Wahaha! JY: "Wat dink hulle doen hulle, dis myne" Sorry ladies!