Tuesday, August 10, 2010

birthday parties are crazy but kids love it.

we went to my niece's 3rd birthday party on the weekend. it was scary and nice at the same time.
it also made me both want to have and not want to have kids. 
kids are crazy and scary but then you look at their parents and they are also crazy and scary....go figure.
anyhoot, fun was had by all, especially obviously the kids, but also the moms and dads with the whiskeys, beers in hand.
bahhahaaabaaahaaa. no jokes.
i think these are normal ways of coping with high intensity very loud frequencies. . . like screaming and crying, laughing and barking and crying and whatever other sounds the little ones would make to entertain themselves and to try and make everybody else go crazy. 
i do believe this is part of their evil plan in trying to take over the world....
i don't trust the little ones; but then again i trust the big ones even less....

here's some party snaps:

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  1. Is that Ben? Good grief he's grown. As has Hessa. PLEASE keep posting photos. Your crappy brother is, well, crap at keeping in touch.