Saturday, July 24, 2010

kalkbay finds...

after the incredibly disappointing rubgy game between SA and Australia today, that we watched at the Brass Bell in Kalk bay, we decided to go for a little walk around town visiting all the antique shops. 
i am always on the look out for bambis, which i almost never find, which is annoying.....but i will also look at whatever interesting things i might find, that i can afford, or which i think is a bargain.
this is what i found.

cutest little teapot...that can go on the gas and possibly go camping

a cool old ford cortina manual so one day when i'm big and i have my own ford cortina, rory can fix it for me. i know the one on the book doesn't really look the style of cortina i want, but im sure they are pretty much all the same inside. rad. i cant wait....
here's some cool ones to dream about.




i love ford cortinas so much


  1. mm nice, my friend has a red cortina like that one at the top. NICE KETTLE DUDE!

  2. dope cars, am big fan of old cars
    already miss you krazie:-)