Monday, May 3, 2010

want some free skermunkils????

my loveliest friendface angie the bat batis is doing the second round in our skermunkiling give-away....if you are interested in one of these beauties, go over to her blog lucky pony and enter your own self. . . goodluck faces.

just for interest sakes.....the cameo is made out of slip cast hand-painted porcelain....the metal is sterling silver...
the heartie one is blue chalcedony stone on silver chain.


  1. first comment
    high 5's all around
    this made my day

    hello...go dance in the rain its SUPER =]

  2. ek wil 'n skermunkil he! :D ek gan nou na lucky pony toe!

    lekker dagi!!

  3. These pieces are so pretty! I love your jewellery designs!

  4. hi ek gan defnitief my lucky 2cents da by lucky pony gan ingooi. het jou FB Msg gekry, magtag man, dog jyt al lankal daai briefie ontvang! Kani wag vir daai bier nie!!! Yay!!!

  5. The most gorgeousest skermunkils the world ever did see... I think my eyes spontaneously combusted from the epicness of it all... Not kosher, since I'm writing an Art Theory test on Wednesday. BUT IZ OKAY! Because now I have an excuse to drop out of school and become a creepy cat lady! WHOOOOOOP! Dream come true, man.

  6. Those skermunkils are oh so pretty …
    If I wore one, would it make me more witty?


    Red Velvet Cake at Wolves is the absolute berries and CREEEEEEEEEAM!!!

    See video for FULL EFFECT


  7. I only want to see one of those baubels shining on my neck in the purple rain.

    See, even Prince compels you to give one to me:

  8. the 1st thing i will say:
    what a bleak month of may
    it rains not only in africa
    but also in switzerlandia

    i’m on study leave till june
    but due to the weather
    i won’t eat ice cream with a spoon
    not until the necklace and i are together

    if you’d grant me this one wish
    happy i’d be, as in water is a fish (-> yeah she did!)
    to finalize this poem
    i’ll write something in the language of my home
    (you’ll like it)

    que llueva, que llueva (let it rain let it rain)
    la vieja esta en la cueva (the old lady’s in the cave)
    los pajaritos cantan (the birdies are singing)
    las viejas se levantan (the old ladies get up)

    que siiii (oh yeeees)
    que noooo (oh nooooo)
    qu’empieze el vaciloooon (let the fun begin!!)

    wow, yes my best friend and i always sang that when it rained.but we didn’t invent’s a fun song. man i really hope i get the one beautiful skermunkil with the elegant dame on it yes yes yes
    thank youu

    by tamara

  9. ~tra la la~
    my fortune cookie told me that the rain will bring me a Skermunkil!

    love it.

  10. loves loves loves these necklaces. would loves loves loves to win one.

  11. pick me! You would make my week!

  12. that first one is AWESOME. i can haz, please?

  13. i almost forgot to make a comment on your blog,
    im so sorry i was distracted with a chocolate log.
    I love these gifts they nice and sweet,
    i think i might just start to bleat.

    Call me a sheep call me a lie,
    all i can think of is skurmunkil in a pie.
    Its so tasty its so good,
    i think im going to call myself little miss pie-eating hood.

    Anyway peeps its time to go,
    good bye yo’ll from the poem killer ho.
    i ain’t slow, mofo yo! im just a girl called jo.

  14. Those who say sunshine is happiness, never danced in the rain...

  15. Here's a correspondent HIGH FIVE for the skermunkils! Thanks, folks :)