Tuesday, May 11, 2010

diem chau

i have just discovered this awesome artist, diem chau, in the newest issue of frankie. she makes these amazing artworks combining found pieces of crockery/porcelain and fine threadit was killing me not knowing how she does it, but then i came across a little demonstration here and here, go on, have a look....it will blow your mind. i think her work is beautiful....here are some examples...


Hair Detail for Kathie 


and then something interesting popped up in her interview that i liked...she is fan of the great melanie bilenker
i have been a fan of melanie bilenker's work for a long time...she is an amazing jewellery artist that makes the dreamiest loveliest jewellery i think i have ever seen. it's like stories from every day life, little portraits, small treasures. she builds stories using her own hair....check it out....awesome.





  1. also loved those from Frankie - how hot is that mag!?

  2. iiii knoowwwwww!!!!! its the best mag in the world. its a long distance love affair, i almost thought this month that my issue got lost in the post.....i had to wait forever to get it.... it only came yesterday....xxx

  3. wow those piece of jewelery are amazing and so is frankie. yes!

    glad you finally got yours xxxx

  4. hi lovely angie face, yes very happy that i finally got it....
    also just got the news about the winners for the give-away...awesome. it was such a good idea and lots of fun, let me know when you are ready for a little hello fox giveaway on this side....thanks so much for organising it!!!

  5. Hi Marietjie. I am just amazed by those ceramics.... phew i need Frankie x Tati