Thursday, April 22, 2010

shop stories....finally moving in...

here are some piks of where it all started.....
and what it looks like now, ill post some piks soon of when it's finished.


  1. Oh my gosh dude, I'm freakin crying with excitement! I can't believe I'm gna be able to see your beautiful Skermunkil shop while I'm watering my plants in the morning! I can't bladdy believe this place of beateousness is coming to the neighbourhood. This is the beginning of something huge :)

  2. looks amazing. cant wait to visit. check out the being brazen blog too where one lady says her skermunkil is her fav piece x tati

  3. wowoooowwwwwahhahh
    I cant wait to come have a look over there! looks wonderful.. what a nice space.. sterkte met die oppad en trek stories.. xx

  4. thanks lovely friends!!! i cant wait until its all in place and i can breath again and start working. there's so much to do and toooo little time! xxx
    and tati, i looked at the being brazen blog and saw the comment, tooooo sweet, thanks for telling me!!!!

  5. love the colour of the walls and the wallpapered shelf. so beautiful. nice my friend, can't wait to come see it in person :)

  6. hey friend a little birdy told me its your bday soon soon ! Hope I can get to stuff my face with bday cake with you.. xxx