Monday, April 5, 2010

raffie's house ♥

the other night we had supper at my friend raffaela's house. it's always such a treat going there. not only is she a fantastic cook, she is also one of my most favourite home-makers.
i love her house!
i love how everything has its perfect place and how there are perfect little groups of things everywhere. so homey and so relaxed i could fall asleep on the kitchen table or even on the bathroom floor. no jokes. there are many interesting things to find out and get to know about can start by going here.
or here....or here....or here....


  1. ah raffies house!!!! so nice that you blogged about it!

  2. .....adam's lucky that i was looking the other way when he had his feet propped up on my coffee table. thanks for the nice blogging marieks. i like seeing my house full of friends and food - makes me warm and tingly on the inside.