Monday, April 12, 2010

i ♡ milnerton market.....

look what i found at milnerton market on sunday. yay!!!!

rad chairs i'm gonna re-upholster...for the studio/shop


  1. i LOVE those chairs! great find. oh and i have that *exact* same tin (belonged to my gran). weird huh? almost as if a load of them came out back in the day and our grans snapped them up - like we would do with woolies products.

  2. Dude, I'm just gna come right out and say it....NO FAIR!!!!!!!!!!! ....heh heh...well done :) xx

  3. hi guys i know....what finds, i paid 120 for the 1 chair and 130 for the other....crazyyyyy!!!!! and i love that tin diana, i didnt know it was from woolies....xx

  4. haha no i meant, i bet stuff like that was mass manufactured back in the day and all the ladies bought them - that's why i have one from my gran and you just found one and i saw one in another shop the other day....

    one day our grandkids are going to experience the same thing with "retro" items we bought from woolies.

    i also found an similar chair once for R150:

  5. ooohhhhhh diana, now i get it...
    but even woolies dont make them as nice....

  6. chairs. japanese dollies. chairs. floaty woman picture. swans. plates. *brain explodes through eyes*