Thursday, March 25, 2010

lucky pony/skermunkil giveaway madness

haai friendlies...angie batis is the funniest girl i think ive ever not met....i havent met her yet, but i cant wait because i think i will continuously be rolling hysterically on the floor laughing and cry-laughing until my face goes blue and the rest of my body goes into a spasm. she is
F U N N Y!!!!!
a little while ago she asked me if i would be interested in doing a giveaway on her blog and off course i jumped at the opportunity. i ♡ lucky ponies...
so i finally got my act together and sent her some skermunkils and now it is game on.....
check out her blog for the details of how to enter to win some of the skermunkil pieces below.




and watch this space because one of these days i will be doing a Hello Fox giveaway on this side..........i cant wait!!!!
some hello fox loveliness below ♡

hello-fox3-2010 hello-fox1-2010

hello-fox2-2010 hello-fox5-20101


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  2. According to the Jo dictionary; sker = the end of Rainbow where little fairies play with your hair all day. munkil = the last little chocolate crumb from the most delicious chocolate cake eva. If you put them together you get EFFING AWESOME.
    Ps: Thanks for posting the Hello Fox stuff.

  3. Skermunkil = awesome to the power of pretty multiplied by perfection.

    I absolutely love all your jewellery. It makes me happy whenever I wear it. The teapot is so very beautiful.

  4. when i think skermunkil i think the baddies in Liewe Heksie! i don't know why :)

  5. Skermunkil (n.) an organism which grows under shells in warm watered lagoons. Brightly coloured and tasty to eat.

    your stuff is so lovely! :) wow!!!!!!!!!

  6. Skermunkil (n.) : A tea party held in a quaint pretty garden with frolicking and lots of cake :)

    Etymology: First enjoyed by ladies and gents of the 1920’s, usually the day after an evening at the speakeasy

  7. Skermunkil [ˈskɜrmənkɪl] (n.): a man who is jealous, bitter and hateful towards women because he cannot wear pretty floral frocks and vintage jewelry on a regular basis without becoming the laughing stock of his school/office/society.

    I bought a pretty blue-and-white bird pendant from you and I love it very much. ♥

  8. I need a sker to cut the competition out... that makes me a skermunkil :D

    Ek wil graag wen asseblief!

  9. Skermunkil is that cloud you see out the window that looks like a bunny. xx

  10. man i really want to have these beautiful thing so much and i wonder at how you make them and how you hang the little key onto the little birdied heart nice. so i just saw that a girl above me commented that she wanted to cut us out with a sker and that's exactly what i always thought when i read skermunkil maybe a monkey holding a scissor..but why on earth would he be doing that? it's flippen dangerous and he could poke out his oog while he's at then he realises this and becomes scared of this and this makes him a scared-munkil..a scared monkey? wow yes those are my thoughts. please please make me can influence angie by whispering into her ear 'tamara should win' oh so softly and she'll think it's the wind and you should never not do what the wind tells you to..ahhh thank you :)

    ps. why can i not give myself a username and have to use a google account and end up as tami89? it's sort of i don't know..i want to be able to choose what i want to be called. hihi have a nice day


    Skermunkil (v.) to tuck into something; to tuck in to anything; to tuck in in general.
    ‘I’ll skermunkil a Quarter Pounder with cheese please’.
    ‘Did you skermunkil that boy on the dancefloor last night?’
    (Or, just as an expression of excitement:)
    ‘Hell yes I skermunkilled him’…..’SKERMUNKIL!’

  12. A skermunkil is the 2cm tall heavily built crow living in my brain, feeding chiefly on pretty things.
    One is completely powerless against his unsuspected attacks and when he’s on the hunt, he gets pretty scary and he puffs his shiny feathers up and looks soooo menacing that I have to succumb. If I try to ignore him, he makes terrible high pitching sounds in my ear and uses his wings to create a whirlwind in my head, removing all logic and credit card sense from my brain. Skermunkils are mostly hunted by husbands and bank managers.

  13. Cousin to the leprechaun, (from the good side of the family) a skermunkil chases rainbows, looking for the pot of gold at the end - which he always finds! He delivers his golden bounties to all the nicest unsuspecting jewelery makers secretly in the middle of the night for them to make more beautiful things with! What a nice little creature.

  14. Skirmunkil: the sweet noise my strawberry yogurt nosed cat makes when she stretches out in for me to scratch her tummy.

  15. skermunkil = the day of the week that i get to wear that teapot around my neck :)

  16. I'll give you such a skerminkilling if I win! Very much a new fan of your thingies x

  17. Skermunkil - 'n kleiner weergawe van 'n wilde wragtig op 'n weghol.

  18. a skermunkil is a scallywag!

  19. A skermunkil collecting madness & obsession!!

    I'm going crazy from envy!

    Love it!

  20. I am so delighted to have discovered both your blogs, and your jewellery!

    I think Skermunkil describes a renegade clan of short-legged armed bandits that have obsessive compulsive disorder and impeccable taste in bespoke stationery. These bandits are native to Burma and caffeine-induced hallucinations.

  21. "Skermunkil" means: A broken-hearted munchkin of course?!

  22. its something that comes from the magic far away tree, like when you go past moonface.thats all naughty and cheeky and tries to trick you but in a nice way...(if no ones read the the magic far away tree then that sucks, cos then this comment will just sound like im on drugs)

  23. the direct translation is :

    Scare monkey (with an "l" at the end)

    pick me, pick me...

  24. and........ i really think i should get these lovelies as it was my quarter century anniversary (birthday) yesterday and didn't get one singular present (all because it was the last day of splashy and no-one packed gifts and they woke up and left....) i love my friends!

  25. Oh YES! I already have a rabbit and teddy bear! (The boyfriend has learnt the go-to place at the biscuit mill for all presents).

    Tea pot!! LOVE! Skermunkil is the look my puppy gives me (eyebrows raised, slight wrinkled forehead and whites of the beady eyes showing) while chewing my shoe, and just before he runs (shoe in mouth) into the garden for a little catch-me-if-you-can.

  26. A poem for this rainy jo'burg day (by Helen Heard):
    Rainy days are good for sleeping in (hell's yes - why am I at work today?)
    While the thunder rolls (mmm, a thunder roll would be really nice right about now)
    And lightning crashes (as long as it's not the server!)
    Just forget about work (ok)
    And unplug the phone (double ok)
    Snuggle under the covers (I'm not going to fight you on that one)
    And sleep (zzzzzz)