Tuesday, January 19, 2010

yayyyyyy we got adsl!!!!

we finally have our internet sorted out and i can start blogging again. even though i'm not a regular blogger, like some of you guys out there, i must say i really do enjoy it. shoeeeeeeeee, i feel like so much has happened since christmas....firstly....my friend steffany and i have been working on a clothing label for the past 6 months (even i can't believe it takes this long to start a new project). it seems like its finally starting to come together. our label is called "meisie" and we will hopefully be selling our clothes at the biscuit mill. we are meeting with the guys on wednesday to see if they like our stuff. we are waiting for rita (stef's sister) to come home for a visit so she can model the dresses for us...so you will have to wait a while before you can see them....hehhehhheeeee.

meisie swing tags....

another thing i am really excited about is moving studios....we have been working from home since forever and i've wanted to move into a seperate studio space for a long time. a lovely space became available in Palmer road in Muizenberg and we will hopefully be moving at the end of the month. the best part is............drumrolllllll.......we will have a shopfront!!!!! so........skermunkil will have a shop and when people ask me....."so where is your shop???" i can just tell them ....... "ooohhh yes, i have a shop and you can come to my shop any day of the week...." rad!!!!!! i can't wait, we gonna make it soooo nice.

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  1. thats super doooooper news! Big Congratulations!! a shop a shop a shop!!